Friday, September 12, 2014

Tile Contractor Lighthouse Point Delray Beach Hollywood

This is what I will do for you:

 When you choose Acis Tile Of Florida to set your tile/marble, you can be 
certain to avoid losing thousands of dollars. If You choose a large 
company you should expect to pay lots of money for a small tile project, 
not with with us. A big company will hire a subcontrator to do your job.

 This way you are paying the middle man. That does not happen when you get 
Acis Tile Of Florida to complete your project. That's why we say: 
Affordability and quality = Acis Tile Of Florida. We don't subcontract 
your project. We complete ourselves.

Adilson Andrade/Gesiel Ferreira
Mobile number: (561) 756-4910 -- available 7 days/week
Owners of Acis Tile Of Florida

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