Thursday, January 7, 2010

Carpet Can't Win. Tile Floor Is The Greatest Option

How to Choose My New Floor With So Many Options To Chose From
There are so many flooring alternatives when picking the best one that it can be a hard decision. People usually get confused between carpet and tile when remodeling their homes. Let's take a look at which ones is better and inexpensive.

Pick The Floor That Meets Your Home Needs
Which is better? Well, that will depend on the person doing the renovation, that depends on the house also. Tile floors for example, are not suitable for mobile homes, because the floors are made of wood. The installation is hard because a mobile home is built with everything already in its place.

Your House Can Get Tile Floor And Also Carpet, But Each One Is The Better Choice
Carpet can normally be a safe bet there. However, in a house, the floor plans can be modified to allow for tile. It looks cleaner, and can make the house smell better. While carpet insulates sound, it also traps mold and dirt, as well as animal born parasites. However, when a tile floor is brushed, all of that goes with it. While it is harder then carpet, it is also cleaner.

Tile And Carpet Cost The Same. Each One Should I Get?
Cost is not an issue, since carpet and tile will run about for the same price nowadays. With the tile you need to choose the color and install it, while carpet needs only to be nailed down with glue and cushioning. Tile requires a little extra work; scraping the old floor, grout, and laying the tiles.

Before Picture
After Picture