Monday, June 21, 2010

Travertine Flooring Versus Porcelain Tile - Part I

Travertine - A More Sophisticated Flooring
Travertine flooring is a type of stone flooring which is made with natural sedimentary rock from limestone; unlike porcelain tiles. It is more commonly called onyx marble or Egyptian alabaster. Travertine is formed when minerals in the ground are disintergrated in the ground water, which is forced to the surface by natural springs, rivers, and even pushed above ground from geysers.

Durability Of Travertine Is Longer Than Porcelain
When limestone is pressurized it becomes travertine, which is one step under becoming marble. As a matter of fact Travertine flooring tiles look very similar to expensive marble tiles. Manufactures cut the travertine into floor tiles, then polish, and finish them. The finished Travertine flooring tiles have a measure of hardness of 3 or 4 rating, which makes them more durable. This makes them much better to use than porcelain tiles.

Travertine Can Be Used in Floor, Walls and as an Countertop
Travertine flooring tiles were first used by the Romans for very high traffic areas in their homes and other public buildings. However, in today's high tech society it is also used on counter tops and wall coverings, as well as showers.


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