Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ceramic Tile Application

You Can Have Tile Almost Everywhere In Your Home

  So you're thinking about installing a new floor.
Choosing the type of flooring is an important decision. Ceramic tile has many
advantages over other types. Tile can be set in a wide variety of designs,
allowing you to add your own individual touch to your home. It is more durable,
able to stand up to years of use, and easier to clean. In most cases, a quick
run over the tile floor with a broom and a mop is all that is needed to maintain

The Cost Of

Carpet requires frequent vacuuming and, in some cases, steam cleaning to
maintain cleanliness. Even with frequent cleaning, high traffic areas will begin
to show wear after a few years. Wood floors, while beautiful, do require care of
the finish to maintain appearance. Also with wood you have to be careful that it
is not scratched. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to sand and refinish
your floor. Linoleum has its own set of problems. It tends to discolor with age
and may peel up.

 Tile Backsplashes Are Wonderful When Installed The Proper Way

When most people think of tile, they think of a tile floor, usually found in
either the kitchen or bathroom. However, tile can be used in so many other
places. In the kitchen, you can use ceramic tile to create a backsplash or even
on the countertops. Tile can be placed around a fireplace or up the wall above
it for an amazing focus point.

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