Thursday, December 16, 2010

RE:"The Most Recommended Tile Installer In S.Florida, Bar None."

When you have ACIS Tile and Marble complete your project, the   process is very simple:

"The Highest Reputation, the highest quality in tile setting anywhere in South Florida. I personally guarantee that to you"
Adilson Andrade
Mobile number: (561) 756-4910 -- available 7 days/week
owner of ACIS Tile and Marble

This is what I will do for you:
When you choose ACIS Tile and Marble to set your tile/marble, you can be certain to avoid losing thousands of dollars. If You choose a large company you should expect to pay lots of money for a small tile project, not with with us. A big company will hire a subcontrator to do your job. This way you are paying the middle man. That does not happen when you get ACIS Tile and Marble to complete your project. That's why we say: Affordability and quality = ACIS Tile and Marble. We don't subcontract your project. We complete ourselves.

As soon as you have your project completed by ACIS Tile And Marble, there's only one outcome: tons and tons of
compliments from your family and guests: "You bathroom looks so great! When did you have this floor done? By whom?" That's what we hear from our current clients.

There's one thing we're very proud in our company. You'll have your project completed really fast with a precision of a tile master.

Isn't it time for you to replace that old filthy carpet floor with a healthy beautiful ceramic (or porcelain) tile?

We want you to call us on either our toll free number: (800) 720-8061 or our mobile: (561) 756-4910 and schedule your free non-obligation estimate. We'll follow up with a written proposal (emailed or faxed to you) explaining in detail what will be done and how it will be done.

We will also will email/fax you a very extensive list of very satisfied past clients. Just randomly pick a few names and contact them. You will confirm how happy they are with ACIS Tile and Marble quality of craftsmanship. If you prefer, just email us ( your name and phone and we will contact you to schedule a quick free estimate (best time for you).

ACIS TILE OF FLORIDA, INC. has been servicing the South Florida region with the best services in Tile installation since 2000.

When you hire our services you can be certain that you will be hiring professionals who pay high attention to detail at affordable prices. Our references will simply will dazzle you.

Here are the common problems that when you hire non-experienced professionals you will encounter:

- We've seen work from other installers that didn't care about the floor preparation. For houses less than 25 years old, there's a chance for cracks to appear. During the floor preparation, it's critical that proper measures are taken. For example, special filler material must be used to guard against crack propagation from the concrete base slab. You can count on us to to always make sure that cracks will not appear some time later.

- Hollow tiles. Tiles that were not properly installed. Our 8+ years of experience will guarantee that it will not happen.

- No bumps. We are very strict when flattening floors and walls.

- You may take your time to  select a good color of the grout/tiles. If, at the time before the installation you change your mind, don't worry, you may another one. You may even test a few grout colors before we initiate installation.

- When steps are being built by ACIS Tile of Florida, all effort will be applied to prevent exposed sharp edges. All surfaces will be as smooth as possible.

- Other installers will leave big gaps between tiles and finished parts (baseboards, kitchen cabinets, cuts around ceiling, metal threshold by sliding doors...) and will fill it with grout. That is ugly. Our team of professional installers will not accept that. Cuts are performed with ultimate precision, leaving very small gaps to be filled with grout, giving a nice look.

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